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About Us

Our team

 Manager Sal H. has made this 360 Degree Gourmet Burrito a tasty, unique dining option in the Walnut Creek area. He has built up a strong following of loyal customers who can't get enough of the amazing sauces and fresh, sauteed ingredients in the restaurant's burritos. Sal ensures that each customer receives great service, and that the burritos you eat are so good you'll definitely be coming back for more! 

Our history

 Established in 1994.Our 360 Degree Gourmet Burritos is a family owned restaurant that upholds the great flavor and traditions of the franchise. 360 Degree is a World Grill: That means we're a Mex Grill, a Teriyaki Grill, a Mediterranean Grill, a... well you get the idea. This idea was the creation of 360° Gourmet's founder Wafi Amin. Traveling the world as a young man, Wafi discovered no matter what the other differences are that may exist, every culture comes together in the kitchen. That's where you'll find Wafi too. The kitchen is his version of an office. Wafi is a simple man with a knack for making simple food simply extraordinary. Give him a little fire, a saute pan and in a few minutes you're enjoying a meal that quenches your hunger while it awakens your taste buds. This philosophy drives us to make the great food that all of our diners enjoy! 

Our specialities

 Our authentic, snappy, and distinctive flavors take your taste buds on a 360° journey beyond the expected. Experience a world of flavor, healthy food and a fun menu. What makes our burritos so good? The secret's the saute. We start with the freshest ingredients, flame broil the meats and seafood and then saute them to order with a selection of sauces and spices. Our amazing sauces include traditional favorites as well as more exotic fare. Selecting your specific combination of meats, veggies, spices and sauces is very simple - we've got it all laid out easily for you to choose from. Gather the tastiest ingredients including fresh vegetables and succulent meats, saute to order with savory sauces and spices, and what's the result? A meal that's simply Mmmmarvelous! 

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360 Gourmet Burritos

1558 Newell Ave, Walnut Creek, California 94596, United States

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