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Have your taste buds rejoice with authentic Mexican food and convenient catering service from 360° Gourmet Burritos.



Our gourmet burritos are like no other and equipped with fresh ingredients, traditional spices, and free-range meat.


Who We Are

Our 360 Degree Gourmet Burritos is a family owned restaurant that upholds the great flavor and traditions of the franchise. 360 Degree is a World Grill: That means we're a Mex Grill, a Teriyaki Grill, a Mediterranean Grill, a... well you get the idea. This idea was the creation of 360° Gourmet's founder Wafi Amin. Traveling the world as a young man, Wafi discovered no matter what the other differences are that may exist, every culture comes together in the kitchen. That's where you'll find Wafi too. The kitchen is his version of an office. Wafi is a simple man with a knack for making simple food simply extraordinary. Give him a little fire, a saute pan and in a few minutes you're enjoying a meal that quenches your hunger while it awakens your taste buds. This philosophy drives us to make the great food that all of our diners enjoy!

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